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Make good the layout of your article.

Always break up the text of your page into small paragraphs. In any case, don't publish an article one continuous text array, or paragraphs. This text is very bad to read on the screen of the monitor, chances are that your article simply will not be read.

Think of a catchy title.

The title of the Internet article plays an important role. This happens due to the fact that most visitors to websites don't read all the text which is written there.

Who am I to teach You how to write articles

Who am I to teach You how to write articles
If You are a regular reader of this blog, you'll have noticed that many of the recommendations that I give in the materials, really work and make life a marketer, copywriter and PR much easier. At the same time, on duty, I have to write articles for various sites, with a fairly rigid requirements. Examples of such sites are Seonews, CMSmagazine, Sostav, and many others. The article is a good PR tool, especially when they read the target audience in authoritative sources. What I? In addition, if Your article is written as it should, then it is willing to accept the authoritative edition, and You get expert status in a particular area.